Decoding cellular responses... one cell at a time

Accelerating drug discovery and development

The pharmaceutical R&D is rife with costly setbacks. Many of the problems could be mitigated if only we could predict earlier in the process which medicines are likely to work and for which patients.

Our mission

QurieGen is at the forefront of cancer treatment innovation, striving to comprehend the fundamental cellular mechanisms driving diseases. Our cutting-edge platform decodes cellular responses, streamlining laboratory work, and increasing drug development success rates.

Our platform

We believe that trained models outperform traditional trial-and-error testing and unravel novel biology. By utilizing a high-throughput proprietary approach for mapping cellular responses, combined with single-cell genomics and data science, we craft predictive models of disease biology and drug response. This innovative platform equips us to discover new drug targets, develop more efficient therapies, and streamline the time and costs involved in traditional drug discovery and development.

Access unique services to accelerate drug pipelines

Our offer strategic research partnerships, tailored to the priorities of key partners, with a flexible experimental approach.

QurieGen B.V.

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